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Elaine reviews BlueHost

We’re going to start publishing some real customer reviews from BlueHost clients to give an unbiased view of their services, good, bad and ugly.

Our first review was sent in by Elaine:

I have been using BlueHost for a year now and I am very happy with them. I think that their chat support is very good and they always help with answering any questions or concerns that I have. They offer really good features, uptime, and value for their price. One of the main reasons I went with BlueHost was because of their many positive reviews. Another reason I went with BlueHost was because they were really kind and helpful with helping me set up my blog on WordPress. I have been very happy with BlueHost and I intend to keep using BlueHost for the rest of my life. I do not think that I would ever change my web hosting from BlueHost. Thanks BlueHost!

If you’ve got something to say about BlueHost, please send it through and we’ll publish it for you (so long as the language isn’t too colorful! :)